Meeting Management

Optimize the use of rooms in your office

Overview of the meetings

Use with MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Google Cal

Full of technology

Equipped with a RFID or NFC reader

Tailored for you

Intuitive and customizable user interface

Features & Advantages

Meeting Management

Conference and meeting room management. Handling of reservations as well as technical equipment and catering services. Overview of the meetings to be held in the room based on the cloud calendars or the internal WAVE Calendar module. Meeting time reservation available via WAVE Room Manager panel or mobile app.

A great display

The key element of the whole system is 10-inch touch panel installed outside the room. The panel alone may become the hallmark of your office. It is a remarkable effect of engineering work using sophisticated design and advanced technology, powered by PoE and additionally equipped with a RFID or NFC reader and backlight.

Amazing features

Available room search. Possibility to order drinks for the guests and equipment necessary for the presentation. Reporting equipment malfunction. Pesentation of the meeting agenda on a collective screen at the front desk…