Wave 2.0 CMS

Professional Content Management Solution

Simple and intuitive

Great user interface for best user experience

Cloud management

Use via web browser from any computer

Multi-region layout

Divide screen into zones and regions

Features & Advantages

A great CMS solution

Wave 2.0 Professional CMS is a software solution dedicated to managing media across a complex screen network. It has outstanding usage capabilities including the instant monitoring and maintenance of keeping the digital signage network in perfect condition.

Marketing tool

WAVE Professional is a simple and functional marketing tool characterised by high efficiency. It is used in such places as trading chains and shopping malls, oil and gas stations, gastronomy chains, public administration, education, transport, hotels, sport facilities and any other place with high number of addressees.


Manage content from anywhere easily via your web browser, on any computer.


Create your own advertising and information channels with pictures, films and text messages.



Instantly know the status of your network and check if players are offline or online and up to date.


You can see exactly how many times any given Layout and Media file was displayed on your players.


Publish dynamic information like news, weather, currencies, stock exchange, etc.


Easily divide the screen into zones from the predefined divisions library or one made to your specific needs.

Technical Overview

The technology and solutions used to build the Wave 2.0 Professional CMS platform has created an exceptional resource to help manage and monitor thousands of digital signage devices simultaneously by small content management teams. Product implementation tests proved that, by using our automation features, a 3-person team is capable of constant monitoring and management of over 4,500 screens with daily content change requests.

The general architecture overview below presents the main functional modules and features.

Media management

It might be truly challenging to manage hundreds of files on thousands of screens, but the Wave 2.0 Professional has just the right tools for doing that:
  • ZOrganise your media in playlists
  • ZApply rules based on date & time
  • ZNest playlists inside playlists
  • ZMedia can be tagged, grouped, filtered
  • ZSearch and locate files immediately
  • ZReplace existing media files

Layout editor

Whether you need to insert two or more media elements next to each other, or on the top of each other, this tool will do the job well.
  • ZFull screen editor
  • ZLayer management
  • ZPosition layers precisely
  • ZVisibility options


Sometimes a static medium is not enough. If you are looking for dynamic content that can present various data and media acquired from an external sources wave CMS is perfect for you:

  • ZCustomised extension
  • ZCustom development
  • ZAPI connection
  • ZXML, PHP, JavaScript compatible
  • ZConnect to POS, ERP, BI, DWH


Wave 2.0 Professional enables two methods of content synchronization – the first one is based on GMT and the second one uses multicast communication between screens on the local network. If your screens have the same media length and start at the same time, they will be synchronised automatically. You can use multicast communication to achieve more advanced custom results.

Other features

Playback Report

Ever wondered how many times your video had been played in your network or on a particular screen? Wave 2.0 Professional will create a report that includes data like playback time, number of playback cycles, loop duration and total media playback time.


Communication between the user and server is based on the SSL/TLS standard. Every registered user will be granted access via a pair of UUID (device ID) and unique ‘SECRET’ (password) autogenerated individually. User authentication only grants read-only access to its assigned content and configuration stored on the server (with the exception of certain features like screenshot upload and playback logging where write access is required).

The user interface access is protected by SSL/TLS. Two-factor verification uses both an e-mail address and a password. Users gain permissions according to the role-based access control system.

Every action that could change the state of the system is stored in the internal audit log. Access to users and content is based on “Network” grouping (i.e. user has only access to specified “Networks” regardless of their system role, with the exception of the system main administrator).

The user’s session is automatically stopped after a certain (configurable) time of inactivity. The server components of the system are based on the Linux platform and use its native isolation features (Docker & Cgroups/UID/PID separation). All communication among internal components is authenticated and carried out through a secure network.

User Roles

Users’ access control is based on RBAC (role-based access control) which allows for easy and flexible user management. Create a user profile, apply a selected role and you’re set!

Monitoring Module

In many cases, you have to keep your digital signage network up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To properly support such operational requirements, you need to know the status of your screens network as a top priority.

The consistent, unified dashboard shows information on the current status of all screens in your digital signage network, including storage utilisation and media update progress as well as any problems.
You can filter the screens using criteria based on name, description, status, tags or location groups for easy viewing, monitoring and managing of your content.

Media Smart Converter

Imagine how many media files cannot be presented or displayed properly because of the technical parameters. If you are not sure how to set things up, Wave 2.0 Professional will help you and convert your files to the required format automatically.

Auto ECO Screen Mode

When you set the time restrictions for your media, and if nothing is going to be displayed on the screen, it will automatically switch off the monitor or LED screen. We do not want you to incur unnecessary energy consumption costs and we do care about the environment. You can also set the location schedule for further customisation of the screen power off options.

Features at a glance

  • Easy to use yet powerful HTML5 graphical user interface
  • Create your own playlists using pictures, videos, animations and text feeds
  • Monitor and manage your digital signage network and media in a centralised, unified manner
  • Build and manage a content media database
  • Users with role-based management
  •  Group screens and users reflects physical locations (cities, buildings, rooms, etc.)
  • Flexible media management using time scheduling and grouping
  • Precise time scheduling with exceptions/rules
  • HTML feeds acceptance
  • RSS information displayed as news ticker
  • Versatile, programmable extension subsystem which provides an outstanding capability to build active layers and areas on display canvas
  • Capability to divide screen display area into separate zones
  • Instant modification of layout and content
  • Remote screen management and monitoring in real time
  • Report function with detailed statistics
  • Compatible with most video, audio and image formats
  • Display and schedule interactive dashboards
  • Secure, encrypted communication between server and users
  • Integration with popular user authentication solutions (PAM/PIM, Active Directory)
  • Manage screens of any size and resolution including both vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Ability to accept active content, for example weather conditions, stock data and exchange rate feeds
  • Uses QoS for data transfer in poor quality network environments
    Seamless and flexible integration with external systems
    English language GUI