Self-service Ordering Kiosk SO-IT32FD1

Double Sided 32″


Touch screen

High responsive touch screen with anti-reflective layer

Modern design

The perfect design to fit any environment.


Large display

32” display for clear and easy menu selection

Features & Advantages

Self-Service ordering

Self Service Kiosk with 32-inch screen – a device for self-service order placement, designed for installation on the floor. The device is dedicated for uninterrupted work. Increases sales and reduces transaction costs. Supports orders, fiscalisation, payment for transactions, printing documents and works with coupons and loyalty programs.

High Quality Components

The kiosk is equipped with the highest quality components: LCD panel, motherboard, printer, payment terminal. Additionally, there are available accessories such as: thermal imager (1D / 2D scanner), camera, status light, LED panels, beacons, fingerprint readers, etc.

WAVE Professional Software

The kiosk is equipped with a system WAVE which enables full device management. WAVE Professional software allows to enable or disable kiosk elements or the entire device at the scheduled time. It is also used to control all accessories and sensors. We also integrate solutions with existing sales systems.


Technical Parameters

ModelSO-IT32FD1 / SO-IT32CD1 / SO-IT32CO1 / SO-IT32FO1 / SO-IT32WO1
LCD Display32" LED IPS Resolution 1920 x 1080 (22" for SC-IT22WO1)
Brightness350 nits
Viewing Angle178° / 178°
Touch screenProjected Capacitive Technology (PCT)
Number of touch points: 10 (4ms Response time)
Safety glass 4mm with anti-reflective/fingerprint/bacteria coating, water-repellent
HousingStainless steel
Dimensions1262 Height x 506mm Width
• 170mm depth for the double-sided variant
• 150mm depth for the one-sided variant
• 110mm depth for the wall mounted variant
Kiosk managementM4B Active Power & Device Control with energy management, temperature control, ventilation
Power Consumption300w (one sided) / 500w (Double sided)
Operating systemLinux/Windows