Brighten up your shop with LED

Use LED displays to brighten up your shop or supermarket. Show your latest promotions in a vivid, colourful way to your customers. Our LED technology uses deep black for better image contrast. Noiseless technology makes the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Any size and shape to fit your shop
Noiseless and slim modern design
Vivid colours and deep black contrast
Show your collection in vivid colours
Aluminium frame

Fit your display anywhere thank to flexible cabinet sizes


Our modules are easy to install and replace for quick maintenance

High brightness

Our displays can reach 4000 nits for windows installation

High resolutions

Small pitch screens available with P2mm, P3mm and P4mm

Synchronised communciation

In case of chain stores it is also possible to think of a coordinated communication between the various stores. By simply using a CMS like Wave. Our totems can be used both in remote controlled installations with remote and coordinated content management through a web platform.

Indoor Smart LED

Indoor Smart LED

Indoor Smart LED

Indoor Smart LED

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