Digital menu solution for restaurant

With our digital LCD menu boards, every item of your menu will stand out. Your customers will be able to see their favourite meal in high definition while helping others to choose. Adding videos and animation to your menu will drive higher sales and customer satisfaction while waiting to order.

Increase customer satisfaction
Help customers choose their meal
Decrease waiting time for customers
Appealing video and animated content
LCD Sizes

Best sizes for Menu Boards 43″, 49″, 55″ available

Thin bezel

For best visual appearance

High Definition

For sharp texts and images

Manage content

With Wave CMS manage content remotely for multiple locations

Synchronised communciation

In case of chain stores it is also possible to think of a coordinated communication between the various stores. By simply using a CMS like Wave. Our totems can be used both in remote controlled installations with remote and coordinated content management through a web platform.

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