Reakton+ PRO

Rapid Reaction AI Solutions


Measuring Distance

From 3 to 10m

Number of people scanned

16 people at a time

Measurement Accuracy

Up to 0.3°c

Features & Advantages

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The most technologically advanced set with lots of additional functions. It is irreplaceable in spaces with a very intense flow of people: in factories, logistics centres, shopping malls, railway stations, airports and underground stations.

Group Measurements

Immediate, group temperature measurement, with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees Celsius, is performed for up to 16 people at a time. Everything is real-time, performed from a safe distance of 3-10 meters.

Tele-Medecine made easy

Reakton+ TELEMEDIC is an ideal complement to the functionality of thermal imaging cameras detecting people with increased temperatures. The mobile system for telemedical diagnostics, enables remote and quick contact with the internist.


Technical Parameters

ParametrySpecyfikacja techniczna
Camera Specifications• CAMERA: 2MP
• IR CAMERA: 400x300
• CAMERA ANGLE: 46 ° / 35 °
Measuring Distance3–10 m
Number of peopleTemperature measurement up to 16 people in real time
Measurement accuracy +/- 0.3 ° C - high measurement accuracy in the range of 30-45 ° C
Black Body (for calibration)Included
• central unit (i5-9400 8G 256GSSD)
• 21/49/55 "monitor + stand
• alarm with sound signaling
Additional features• The most advanced solution in terms of functionality, technical parameters, expansion possibilities and integration with access control systems, HR systems, CCTV and others
• Camera adapted to the analysis of the high flow of people
• The most advanced work management and monitoring software; system
designed to support multiple cameras, including other CCTV and NVR cameras
• SDK available to integrate the system with external systems (HR, entrance control, etc.)
• Integration with the mobile application with access to the alarm list
• Statistics (people counter, alarm counter)
• Registering a list of people entering
• Alarm list logging and management (elevated temperature, no mask, person not on the list)
• Managing the employee library with the history of temperature changes
• The functionality of recognizing license plates, line crossing,
exits / entrances in / out of the area
• The camera has a number of interfaces for connecting external sensors
and alarms (light and sound)
• POE power supply• Kamera przystosowana do analizy do natężonego przepływu osób
• Najbardziej zaawansowane oprogramowanie do zarządzania i monitorowania pracy; system
przeznaczony do obsługi wielu kamer w tym innych kamer CCTV, NVR
• Dostępne SDK w celu integracji systemu z zewnętrznymi systemami (HR, kontrola wejścia, itp.)
• Integracja z aplikacją mobilną z dostępem do listy alarmów
• Statystyki (licznik osób, licznik alarmów)
• Rejestrowanie listy wchodzących osób
• Rejestrowanie i zarządzanie listą alarmów (podwyższona temperatura, bez maski, osoba spoza listy)
• Zarządzanie biblioteką pracowników wraz z historią zmian temperatury
• Funkcjonalność rozpoznawania tablic rejestracyjnych, przekroczenia linii,
wyjścia/wejścia w/poza obszar
• Kamera ma szereg interfejsów umożliwiających podłączenie zewnętrznych czujników
oraz alarmów (świetlnych i dźwiękowych)
• Zasilanie POE
ApplicationFacilities with high traffic, the need to use the most advanced functions and the need for greater system integration: