Our answer to COVID-19

Reakton+ are modern systems for detecting increased temperature and innovative AI solutions for the medical sector produced by M4B S.A.

Measurement Accuracy of 0.1°c

Instant Results

Measurments From a Distance

Increased Safety

Thermal Cameras

Rapid detection of high temperature

Unique Solutions

Built and designed by experts

Tele Medecine

A complete solution for maximum security

Our rapid response thermal cameras

Thanks to instant, non-contact and safe detection of people showing symptoms of infection, companies can measurably minimize the risk of production downtime and take care of the safety of their employees and customers.

Technology solution

Using infrared technology, thermal cameras detect radiating heat from a body accurately check temperature. Facial recognition is used for employee registration and mask detection.

Our Products


Our Strengths


More that 15 years experience in digital solutions and manufacturing with numerous references.


Customizable product designs and  fast design and engineering for product development.


High quality design and manufacturing standards across all our product line.

Software Dev

In-house team of experienced and highly skilled software developers to implement any solution.


The best value for money compared to the competiton makes our solutions very unique.


Always using the latest technology available and improving existing softwafe and hardware.