Foldable Totem

Semi outdoor A Frame Signage 32″ / 43″

Battery powered solution

Maximum working time on battery pack


Super Slim Design

Extremely slim and modern housing

Movable totem solution

Place the totem where you want easily

Features & Advantages

Easy advertising

Wherever in the area and any high traffic you can display every contents. Finally, digital can be where it makes the most impact – showcasing content in real time, without clients worrying about running power cables across floors or dropping them from ceilings.

Movable and battery powered

Maximum working time on battery pack and low weight for ease of movement. The battery powered display technology that makes it possible for large-format and interactive digital signage to operate off nothing but a battery.

High quality components

Semi outdoor construction that is water and dust resistant. The display works normally at air temperature up to 40 degrees. The slim design is made of lightweight metal for easy transport.


Technical Parameters

"A" Foldable Totem32"43"43" IP65
Panel Resolution1080x19201080x19201080x1920
Brightness (cd/m2)3503501000
Native Contrast100010001000
Viewing Angle178°178°178°
Response Time (ms)888
Speakers3W + 3W3W + 3W3W + 3W
Height (mm)1103mm1350mm1360mm
Width (mm)437mm579mm580mm
Depth (mm)30mm33mm35mm
Weight (kg)14Kg27Kg34Kg
Tempered Glass --3mm tempered glass
IP Rating--IP65