Implementation of the Digital Menu Boards in the KFC network gained recognition of the editors and readers of the IT Reseller magazine 🙂

During the New Technologies Champions gala organized by the editorial of IT Reseller at Hard Rock Cafe in Warsaw, M4B and TOSHIBA were awarded the prize in the “Implementation of the Year” category for the installation of the Digital Signage system, which manages over 2,000 Toshiba monitors using Wave Professional software and over 400 KFC restaurants in Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Croatia and recently in Serbia.

We invite you to watch the interview with our President Jarosław Leśniewski 🙂 or to read it:

I would like to thank you for this award. I mentioned that it is unusual that we managed to get it, because when we were applying for the tender for which we received the award today, namely the implementation of Digital Menu Boards in the KFC network in Europe, we were a relatively small company, and we competed with the biggest Digital Signage players in the world, because the largest suppliers were the participants of this tender lasting almost two years. As a result of the multistage proceedings, we managed to convince the client to try to cooperate with a relatively small company, yet offering a lot of flexibility. After almost a year and a half since this decision, we managed to implement almost 450 locations in KFC restaurants in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Croatia and also in Serbia. It is more than 2,000 monitors, computers. Everything is managed by our Wave Multimedia Everywhere software and – what I would like to emphasize – it was possible due to the rather unique combination of our competences with the competences of a global player such as TOSHIBA. And this peculiar, rather unusual combination resulted in the fact that the Amrest customer chose us. Many of our competitors, partners and market participants are showing this implementation as a model example of using Digital Signage technology in communication with the customer. It was a breakthrough for us, which allowed us to stand on par with players such as Samsung, HP, or other great players today. I am very grateful to the IT Reseller editorial team for this distinction, thank you very much for this event.

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