This year’s ISE in Amsterdam was a great opportunity to present our new products to international audience. The trade fair was visited by over 73,000 visitors who watched offers of nearly 1200 Audio Video exhibitors from around the world.

M4B participated in the trade fair as TOSHIBA’s partner – a provider of Digital Signage software, used to manage content displayed on hundreds of monitors simultaneously, centrally controlled through a server located in the cloud – for example in the KFC restaurant chain, where the system is used to service over 400 Digital Menu Boards in Poland and Europe. This year’s innovation was the latest version of the Wave Professional software, enabling the management of new TOSHIBA monitors equipped with Embeded Signage. Thanks to the introduction of monitors with Embeded Signage by TOSHIBA, the costs of the solution for the end customer will be reduced. In addition, this solution is much more reliable from the point of view of installation and service – there are no cables connecting the player to the screen, just one power cable, and the device controls the monitor through the internal interface. And most importantly – the warranty and service is offered by one reputable provider.

The second innovation presented by M4B at ISE was the WAVE KIOSK 32 self-service kiosk designed for QSR (Quick Service restaurants), used to improve and speed up the process of ordering dishes thanks to self-service by customers. The device attracted the visitors’ attention thanks to its unique, elegant form as well as the best materials it was made of, such as glass and brushed steel. Together with the unique form, the kiosk offers a very fast user interface based on a 32-inch capacitive touch screen, built-in fiscal printer, payment terminal and a number of additional options, such as 1D/2D code reader, motion sensor, or HELP button to call for service if it is necessary to consult with them.
These few fascinating days spent among the companies offering the latest technologies in our industry have confirmed our belief that we are able to compete with the best and, in some areas, set new trends.

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