A solution that will attract attention

Our new self-service checkout designed for fashion retailers is your new employee. The attractive modern design allows it to fit in your shop seamlessly. On the sides, there are two LED displays in high definition to attract your customers to latest promotions. Your customers will now enjoy paying for their new shoes.

Fully interactive menu selection
Improve customer experience
Attractive and modern design
Reduce staff & increase sales
Your logo

Add your own logo to the design

LED Display

High resolution Displays on both sides

Easy payments

integrated payment solution

Quality materials

Long lasting and resistant materials

High Definition LED Displays

LED screens rule the world of visual experience. Thanks to them we can simply see more. Vivid colours plus Pure Black technology make everything look noticeably better. See for yourself! With our LED modules, you can build screens of any shape and size. We have the prefect solution for you.




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