Custom Indoor Totem

Made specially for you

Built for digital signage

designed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Full HD

High resolution display for best quality

Full Customisation

Our engineers build the perfect solution for you

Features & Advantages

LCD Totem indoor

This is a powerful tool for communication: it allows you to display promotional images, videos and offers of new products or communicating your services incisively. These models are perfect for retail, airports, stations, shopping centers, book stores, cinemas, banks, administrative services, etc. 

Full customisations

Our engineers build for you the perfect solution. Display size, color, embedded logo, special features. Anything is possible.

Synchronised communciation

In case of chain stores it is also possible to think of a coordinated communication between the various stores. By simply using a CMS like Wave. Our totems can be used both in remote controlled installations with remote and coordinated content management through a web platform.


Technical Parameters

16/7 LCD32"43"49"55"65"
Diagonal Size81cm/32"109cm/43"124cm/49"140cm/55"165cm/65"
Daily Hours16 hours16 hours16 hours16 hours16 hours
Portrait ModeYesYesYesYesYes
Visible Area (mm HxV)698.4x392.85941.184x529.4161073.78x604.01209.6x6801428.48x803.52
Panel Resolution1920x10801920x10801920x10801920x10803840x2160
Viewing Angle178°178°178°178°178°
Brightness (cd/m2)400400400400400
Native Contrast14001100120012004000
Response Time (ms)8.58996.5
Speakers8W + 8W8W + 8W8W + 8W8W + 8W10W + 10W
Bezel (mm)10mm/14 mm5.9mm/9.5 mm6.8mm/10.4mm7.0mm/10.3mm10.4mm/13.6mm
Weight (kg)9.510.513.517.526
Width (mm)724.4965.51101.71238.21459.4
Height (mm)424.2557.3634.6711.8841.2
Depth (mm)2681.380.881.172